Cecelia Baez

I have seen too many people battle with their minds and emotions. They are held back by internal blocks that are keeping them from being able to put their sense of peace and happiness first. Instead of going after their goals, they are constantly drained of energy and lacking motivation, due to negative emotions, mental programming, and trauma.
I respect the battle because I personally know what it feels like to be blocked by fear and overwhelmed by stress. As a young girl, anxiety limited my ability to take action towards anything my heart desired. Not living up to my expectations, I felt worthless. This led to bad habits of eating disorders, drinking, drugs, and toxic relationships.
Through the work I do, I have conjured, tested, and discovered the tools that will allow you to deeply heal & remove your blocks, bringing forth clarity and connection towards your

Higher Self (Intuition).

I invite you to join me on the journey to become the greatest version of yourself. Let us break down those walls of fear, release the stress, accelerate your healing, and empower you with the courage to embrace life with a burning passion.

You will gain clarity, you will heal, and you will conjure up the courage needed to step into your ༄  Personal Power


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