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Your mind is your instrument.

Learn to be its master, not its slave. 

The Energy Mastery Academy is a profoundly deep and intensive accelerator class that gives the tools, the knowledge and the strength you need to get over the mountain of healing, to connect deeply to who you are, and to tap into your full cosmic power and potential.

You will embark on an inner journey filled with wisdom and expansion. You will become the

 master of your energy, mind and emotions.. 


You'll learn how to conjure up personal power, inner peace, freedom, phenomenal confidence, self-compassion, & unconditional love..

Truly being able to have Heaven on Earth 🕊

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What's Included:

  • 100 Deep Diving Sessions (Audio Activities, Meditations, & Writing Guides)

    • + a progressive meditation education that takes you from breath to quantum

  • A hard copy or digital workbook filled with 50 expansion activities

    • I.e.: Shadow Work, Vision Quest, Energy Elevation, Emotional Surrendering

  • 5 Healing Sessions:

    • 3 Integrative Energy Therapy Sessions

    • 2 Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions

      • + 2 Personalized Rewiring Audios

  • Energy Therapy Attunement & Activation (you can heal yourself and others!)

  • 7 Strategic Support Calls (to support you on your journey)

  • Lifetime access to the class lessons and ALL it's updates

  • Unlimited texting access to your guide Cecelia for your support during this journey

  • + Free YEAR access to the meditation database (activates during last phase)

The Map To Your Potential

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Phase 1: Accelerated Healing

We accelerate your own healing by removing the energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck: mentally, emotionally, and karmically

Phase 2: Rewire Your Mind

We rewire your mind by removing any beliefs, thoughts and trauma imprints that are holding you back. We then install and recondition the way you connect with emotions, thoughts and habitual patterns. 

Phase 3: Elevate Your Energy

We will give you the tools and the knowledge to tap into your POWER. Integrating confidence and inner peace - thus raising your vibration and keeping it there.

Phase 4: Self-Actualization

This is where you become the creator of your reality and learn the formula for TRUE manifestation. With your energy elevated you'll be able to tap into the quantum.

Phase 5: Leap into Action

You will set goals with the subconscious mind, create momentum, learn sustainable action AND how to heal yourself so you can can continue to move through life as an unstoppable force. You will finally be free.

Your Journey Begins...

You start as someone who ...

  • Struggles with having inner confidence and a sense of self-worth... 

  • Just can't seem to live in positive emotions for long...

  • Battles with negativity. Can't seem to kick that inner critical voice to the side...

  • Lives with inner conflict and unresolved trauma...

  • Feels like the pains of the past are just holding you back...

  • Is not able to find motivation and consistency towards your goals...

  • Wants to live with more passion and purpose in their life...

  • Does not have a vision or is not in alignment with where you want to be...

  • Truly wants to contribute to something greater than yourself but feel you need to heal yourself first...

  • Feels disconnected from yourself and spirit

&You are finally at the point where you are FED UP. Trial and error isn't working any more. Just getting by, surviving and coping just isn't cutting it for you anymore. You are sick and tired of being stuck, held back and sabotaging your potential. You are sick of putting others first, and you're sick and tired of not feeling in control your your life. You just want to move forward.... to step into your POWER. 🌟


All you truly want is...

  • To love yourself unapologetically

  • To think positive and live in high vibrational states

  • To embrace Inner Peace and Freedom

  • To feel eel the weight off of your shoulders *breaths*

  • To go after your goals an unstoppable force

  • To be in alignment with vision and your purpose

  • To embrace your authentic self with compassion

  • To feel like the voices in your head actually support you, not control or diminish you

  • To tap into your energy and embrace your POWER

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Become a Master of Your Energy

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Note: Enrollment is not guaranteed. I review the application and analyze the information. I honor your time and I want to make sure we are in alignment with what you need and what I can do for you. If you're accepted you'll be asked to schedule a call to further confirm the enrollment process.