Integrated Energy Therapy


IET is an energy healing modality that works with your cellular memory to remove suppressed energy that is weighing you down and keeping you stuck.

It works well with emotions like: guilt, shame, anger, resentment, heartache, fear, stress, distrust in yourself or others.

If you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders... all that added baggage creates heaviness

In IET we work with your physical, emotional, mental and spirit body

IET gets the issues out of your tissues

We find with any healing modality, the first step to healing is giving the mind and body permission to let go and let healing in. You may consciously want to heal, but in order for this therapy to be effective your mentality needs to go from "Well, I should work on this..." to "I MUST work on this. I am not living this way any longer." Thats when you know you're ready.

IET is a gentle yet effective method to release the years of emotional baggage you have been holding on to, and letting control your life.

Single IET Session


Session Structure:

  • Intention Setting

  • Energy Healing

  • Reflection

Ask yourself:

What do you want to focus on? What has been weighing you down? If we could achieve ONE thing, what do you want?

3 Session Package:

$333 (10% off)

You'll receive 3 IET sessions within 1 month to truly experience a deep release and shift within your internal self.

Each session will be logged to physically see your progress as you heal, grow and shift.

Session Length: 90 min

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  • 3 IET Sessions

  • 2 RTT Sessions

  • 8 NSP Sessions

This is the space where you commit to your healing, to your inner peace & sense of freedom​

Note: There is flexibility with how sessions are conducted. They can be through zoom, phone or in-person (location specific). Some sessions are in silence, some will be vocally guided, some may include other various energy healing modalities combined. Choices are made based on what you may need in the moment. Our only intention is to best serve you on your journey and give you a tremendous healing experience.

Diving Deeper into IET

As much as you must care for your physical body, you also have an energetic body that needs love and attention too. As life happens you may experience circumstances or situations that bring forth an emotional reaction. When you do not process that situation, you suppress the energy associated with it. This is also called bottling, stuffing, hiding and not releasing your emotions. Over time it piles up and before you know it, triggers start to happen. Where one little thing set off an emotional reaction. This is because there is too much stored inside of you. It's overfilling. It's making you feel weighed down, heavy, or overwhelmed.

If you find yourself living with emotional outburst, emotional reactions to little things, numbness, heaviness, negative thoughts, repeated patterns, anxiousness, feelings of depression, stress, fatigue this may be the therapy to release the years of suppressed, blocked and stagnate energy.

IET is truly profound because not only does it work with releasing emotions, but it brings balance to your entire system. We are creating a space for your entire physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body to heal. The tools used in IET not only release suppressed energy and leave you feeling lighter, but it will also remove blocks that are keeping you from your potential (8th Chakra), it will also align your 12-Strand DNA and open up your channel to attract and connect with your soul cluster (soul family). This modality can help clear any negative karma in your field that could potential be holding you back (past, present & future).


Disclaimer: We do not claim to replace doctors, prescribe, cure or provide medical advice. We use alternative therapies as a great ADDITION to your current therapies. Alternative therapies are powerful when you use them all together for an overall healing experience. 

IET was created by Steven Thayer. He was originally a chemical engineer for Bell Labs for 17 years. Steven was raised during an era where men were taught to not express emotions. So, when Steven started experiencing an array of emotional burst, he was very confused and sought help immediately. He found traditional therapy took too long and didn’t give him what he was looking for – an explanation or a release. He went on to work with an energy healer who blew his mind with what he was able to heal form in such a short amount of time. Upon his own healing, he went on to study Energy Therapy and studied where emotions are stored in the body. Through lab reports and many years in the making, he founded IET. Stevens engineer background grounded this modality, but it’s his connections to the Angels that really elevated it into what it is today. There are 50,000 healers in 20 countries. Absolutely beautiful.