NeuroSomatic Processing


NSP is an adaptation to BrainSpotting and EMDR for Alternative Healers to assist in a more gentle, safe, non-verbal way to process many things such as:

Intense emotions, trauma, triggers, anxieties

This practice requires the client to know what "calm and grounded" feel likes

If it's hysterical, it's historical

If you don't know what safety feels like then we will do some training prior to starting the therapy. It's a simple practice that will help you secure you inner sense of "safety."

&At the very least - finally feeling okay. In this training we are looking for a resource spot. A physical location in your brain and body that is connected to the sense of being calm and grounded. 

NSP is a simple yet effective method to recreate meaning about how your past has affected you, up until this very moment.

Single NSP Session


Resource Spot



8 Session Package:

$444 (20% off)

The Package Includes:

  • 4 Resource Spot Sessions

  • 4 NueroSomatic Sessions

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  • 3 IET Sessions

  • 2 RTT Sessions

  • 8 NSP Sessions

Note: 4 resource spot sessions are required for anyone who doesn't know what calm and grounded feels like. The packages make it simple and straight forward for to you to begin either an 8 week or 16 week NSP therapy journey.

Diving Deeper into NSP

Your brain is a non-verbal being that process information faster than the speed of light. Just like other organs, the brain CAN heal itself given the proper environment. A lot the times things will happen to you, and unless you are sitting with yourself (or sleeping properly) and truly processing the experience, it will get tagged in the brain "incorrectly." Maybe as traumatizing or dangerous to your life (hence triggers). In NSP we are giving the brain proper environment and space to reprocess. This will retag events and not only take away triggers, but will decrease stress, negative emotions and the vivid memory of painful events. 

If you find yourself using coping strategies such as stuffing the emotions, numbing with substance use and addictive behaviors, distracting ourselves with repetitive and unproductive behaviors (OCD), avoidance of people places and things, depressive isolation and chronic fatigue/pain - this may be just the therapy you need to let go of the root cause to whats causing these symptoms.

NSP works with the understanding that your eyes are the external part of your brain. Using eye movement patterns we can find where your triggers are located inside of your brain. Upon focusing on the pattern, we can allow the brains space to process the root system of neural networks to heal any related triggers, emotions, or memories for the topic you come in for. This process allows us to bypass the analytical frontal cortex and go straight for your subcortical neural network where the brain is ready and seeking healing. 

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NSP was created by clinical therapist Elizabeth Collins, where she not only adapted the best parts of two very powerful therapies, but was also inspired by Stephen Porges; Polyvagal Theory, Bessel vander Kolk’s somatic insights, Mindfulness, Breathwork, and creative arts therapies.

Disclaimer: This therapy is not to be used for someone who is going through rehab or has a photographic memory.

I would also advise against using this if you are living with Disassociated Identity Disorder or Schizophrenia. Please book a connection call if you have any questions about your eligibility to start this therapy. Please note we are not psychologist or psychotherapist. We use alternative therapies as a great ADDITION to your current therapies.

Alternative therapies are powerful when you use them all together for an overall healing experience.