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Coming Summer 2021

Your external reality is a reflection of your Inner World. You must do the Inner Work if you wish to change your outer world.

Master Healer, Teacher, & Spiritual Guide

Cecelia Baez [The Energy Therapist] is a Spiritual Guide for those on their Inner Journey. She will take you on a deep dive through your inner self where you can accelerate your own healing. Cecelia is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Master Energy Healer / Teacher in both Reiki & Integrative Energy Therapy (I.E.T), Strategic Life Coach, and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor.

The Energy Therapist

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Energy Healing

Teaching Hands To


Embrace your calling to tap into your Healer Potential. Prepare for a career that is fulfilling for the soul and brings financial stability. Use your gifts to Heal Others, while also learning to Heal Yourself. 

Energy Therapy classes are for both Reiki & IET.

Clear and rebalance your Mind, Body & Soul. Get the issues out of your tissues, with Integrative Energy Therapy (IET).

Remove blockages and imbalances that have been suppressed into your Cellular Memory. Blocks can be a result of trauma, injury, dis-ease, stress, and fear. IET releases old energy patterns and promotes the body's own healing ability.

Sessions are distance through Zoom.

Energy Healing Therapy

Do you have questions? Are you unsure if this is right for you?

Book a connection call with Cecelia.

She holds a safe space for you to connect with her and inquire about the services. She has your best interest at heart and will guide you to find the best possible outcome.

The call is 30 minutes and entirely free.


I used to live a life entirely in my head. Bedridden with anxiety and fear. Everything changed when I decided to begin my Inner Journey for Healing & Spiritual Growth. Today, I embrace the potential of others by creating a sacred space for their healing and guide them through the phases of Inner Work.

Together may we bring forth the power and potential that I know is within you 🌟

Benefits & Outcomes

Release Old Beliefs

Rid yourself of belief systems that no longer serve you

Heart Center

Step into your heart space with a mind and heart coherence

Mind, Body, Spirit

Energize, active, & clear your energy body. Charge your life force.


Nuture yourself with action in self-care, creating healthy boundaries

Authentic Essence

Connect deeply to the light and power within you

Energy Awareness

Heightening your knowledge and ability to connect, sense and elevate your Energy

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