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The Healing Space

The moment you decide you want better for yourself is the minute the entire universe begins to shift in your favor.

The Energy Therapist

Spirituality meets Strategy

Hello, I am Cecelia. I am your guide through your Healing Journey. In this Healing Space you will dive deep and uncover your ability to,

accelerate your own healing, rewire your mind, raise your vibration, and truly step into your potential as the creator of your reality. 


My methods used are grounded in strategy whilst also guided by spirit.

I bring forth firm accountability, but also unconditional compassion.

I am certfied and trained in:

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Integrative Energy Therapy

NueroSomatic Processing

Mindfulness Meditation

Strategic Life Coaching

 Holistic Health Coaching

Each of these modalities combined create the ultimate healing experience for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. 


Free yourself from the chains of the past, embrace the power of this present moment and use your new found freedom to elevate the potential of your future. Your Inner Peace awaits 🕊🕊🕊

Whats possible for you?

Let Go & Open Up

Let go of what no longer serves. Let go of all the beliefs, feelings, heaviness, and blocks that are keeping you stuck. Let go and let love in. Let light in. Let possibility and potential in.

We help you to let go and open up.

Create Your Reality

Through quantum meditation and deep diving. Through healing and rewiring. You will free yourself from the chains that held you back. You will step into your personal power. You will learn how to TRULY create in this 3D reality. It's all a formula.

We help you to achieve Personal Power

Positivity & Confidence

Rewire your mind and enable yourself to act and react with absolute confidence. Rewire your mind to think and BE positively, naturally. We will help you to dive deep into your unconscious to rewire the way you view the world and yourself. 

We help you to be your best YOU.

Heal Yourself

It's wonderful to have others heal you, but it's even more wonderful to be able to heal, guru and coach yourself. You may get through the mountain of inner personal work, but as your new self. life can still happen and bring hurtful experiences. 

We help you to keep healing yourself.

Raise Your Vibration

Elevate your energy, elevate your state and tap into in high vibrations every single day. Live in states of peace, love, harmony, gratitude all day, every day. By working with your energy, you learn how to step into emotions by choice.

We help you to elevate your emotions. 

Action & Motivation

As you free up your energy inside, you are now ready to take charge in your life. Motivation is nothing without action. &Action is nothing with consistency. In working with us you'll learn how to sustainably continue to go after your goals as an unstoppable force. 

We teach you sustainable action.


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